How to remove popcorn ceiling? the answer revealed.

Now you have an answer to the question and ready to proceed for popcorn ceiling removal.

How to remove popcorn ceiling
How to remove popcorn ceiling

How to remove popcorn ceiling is the subject the we will discuss with you in the following lines. We are willing to help you to find the correct answer to the question of how to remove popcorn ceiling. We will try to formulate the answer in a simple and straightforward text. Warning boxes and tips boxes will be provided as well to pay your attention to the pros and cons of how to remove popcorn ceiling. Following us carefully will save you much trouble during the process of popcorn ceiling removal. let’s start.

Here we shall explain the secrets of how to remove popcorn ceiling in just few steps. Popcorn ceiling is no more appealing for many homeowners. The taste of the people changes and is ever changing. The first thing that may storm your mind is the cost of the procedure of how to remove popcorn ceiling. Actually, it is costly. However, you may think to do-it-yourself to save money and release some adrenaline. The tools you will use are simple. However, you should get acquainted with them before using them. Here we will show you the secrets of every step.

Check First

How to remove popcorn ceiling: check for asbestos

The recommendation for this regard is to check for the presence of asbestos. Asbestos was the favorite of contractors between the 70¢ and 80¢ because of its acoustic properties. By the low of Clear Air Act issued in 1978, further use of asbestos for ceiling construction is condemned. When the content of the ceiling exceeds the one percent threshold, you should hire a professional to remove the popcorn ceiling. This measure is established by law for your safety in the first place and the safety of the community as well. Asbestos is a potentially harmful material that it should not be inhaled or ingested.

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How to remove popcorn ceiling: test for asbestos

If you chose to do-it-yourself, scrape a small section of the popcorn ceiling and place it directly into a plastic bag. Seal the bag carefully and send it to the local test service. We stress not to do this without a gown covering you completely, goggles, and special mask. You should use gloves as well.

How to remove popcorn ceiling – remove asbestos

How to remove popcorn ceiling – WARNING

Hire a professional to remove asbestos for you. your safety comes first. We advise to review your local health provider for more detailed and specific medical information related to the health hazards of asbestos.

How to remove popcorn ceiling – check for paint

Paint acts as an isolation layer preventing the underlying popcorn ceiling to soak in water. Detect the presence of paint before starting popcorn ceiling removal. The test is simple. You water a small section of the popcorn ceiling with water spray and check being moistened. If the popcorn texture accepted the water and soaked in, the popcorn texture has no paint. Otherwise, you will need special chemical to remove the paint.

Protect the room

How to remove popcorn ceiling – remove furniture

To save yourself the mess, it is advised to remove the furniture outside the room. Heavy chairs and beds may be a trouble to be removed. You can cover these pieces with plastic wrapping and seal tightly with adhesive tape.

How to remove popcorn ceiling – wrap the walls

The walls should be covered by plastic drop cloths. You should cover a foot up the wall or the whole wall from top to bottom. Painter tape will help to make the wrapping process safe and secure all over the following procedure.

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How to remove popcorn ceiling – wrap the fixtures

The electric outlets and switches should be carefully covered with plastic sheets. remove light applicants and fan paddles away from the room and cover the ceiling fixtures with plastic sheet as well. turn off the heating and cooling systems and disconnect the electric power completely.

How to remove popcorn ceiling – plastic drop cloths

The floor is better to be covered with plastic drop cloths for easy cleaning thereafter. It is better to avoid a mess than cleaning one up.

Moistening the texture

How to remove popcorn ceiling – aim

It is for your good to moisten the popcorn texture before removing it. Tying to remove it dry create much dust. You need to put on protective tools to safeguard against the dust. Scraping dry is a trouble. On the other hand, moistening the popcorn texture will turn it into a hard past that can be scraped easy. No much dust is created this way.

Watering the popcorn texture should be with care not to get the underlying layers wet. All you need is to moisten the texture only, not the other layers. That is why you should use a sprayer not a garden hose. However, the ceiling may get dry out and you need to water it again. No harm to water the ceiling several times as long as the water do not reach the drywall.

How to remove popcorn ceiling – TIP

Water till the popcorn texture is moistened. Keep the underlying layers dry.

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How to remove popcorn ceiling – the sprayer

You do not need any special type of water or formula for spraying the popcorn texture. What you need is tap water and few drops of liquid soap. No special type is need. Just use that you usually use for the dishes.

How to remove popcorn ceiling – moistening

Start with the first five feet. Spray the water several times till the area is quite moistened. Do not use much water for the same area. You can leave the area to dray for 10 minutes while you are watering another area. When you are scraping (the following step) you may find the popcorn texture a little dry. Do not worry. Water again.


Scraping area

Use the proper tool

Fix the damage

Finish it


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