Popcorn ceiling removal costs; Do-it-yourself or Give the bow to its maker.

To do or not to do? A question to answer.

This question comes up when the homeowners and the homebuyers find the popcorn ceiling unappealing. Popcorn ceiling is no longer in style as it used to be. Moreover, the asbestos content of the popcorn ceiling causes more harm than good when the outer cover is damaged, and the fibers are exposed. The issue of popcorn ceiling removal pops up your head. The procedure of popcorn ceiling removal could be easy to be done by yourself when asbestos is not there. Thus, encouraging the homeowners to get the popcorn ceiling removal themselves. Thinking to give the bow to its maker is another option that you may resort to for many reasons. You are busy. You have a lot to do. The area is large, and your capacity is low. Now, the issue of cost pops up, and you begin calculating.

We are going to provide you a summary of the updated popcorn ceiling removal cost. You can use the numbers we will give to you as a guide to your decision.

First things first: asbestos or nor asbestos

It is the job of the homeowner or the contractor to take over the test of the presence of asbestos. The popcorn ceiling is soaked with water. A sample is removed from the ceiling to be sent for testing.

In case that asbestos test is positive, a specialist contractor will do the job for $3 to $7 to remove a square foot of popcorn ceiling with asbestos. For example, an area of 15¢ X 20¢ will be charged $900 minimally. A home of 1,600 square feet will be charged $4,500. So, asbestos casts more expenses to the net cost of popcorn ceiling removal.

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Additional expenses

After popcorn ceiling removal, you may need to add to hang a new drywall. The drywall will give you a clean and smooth surface. A 12¢ X 12¢ room ceiling may cost you in a range between %160 to $200.

Hiring per square foot not per hour.

When you need a professional contractor, you will be charged per square foot, not per hour. You will be charged in the range of $1 to $3. A simple calculation will give you a sum of $250 to $900 for 15¢ X 20¢ ceiling area. For 1,600 square feet, the cost totally will be a sum between $1,200 to $4,800. The price of the labor is changing according to many local situations and circumstances.

Calculation of popcorn ceiling removal cost



min $

max $

asbestos free texture, moistening of the wall, scraping, and disposal of the scrapings.

2.8 hrs



material needed for removal of popcorn ceiling: fasteners, seam tape, topping compound.

107 square feet



debris removal.

100 square feet



net cost

100 square feet



ave cost



Here you are a table that includes the minimum and the maximum charge for the main three activities of popcorn ceiling removal. We evaluate the popcorn ceiling removal cost by the American dollar. You need to check in your area for each item in the table. This table will help you a lot to decide whether to do-it-yourself or give the ceiling to a professional.


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