Conifer is not the only plant that is represented on the Christmas day. Mistletoe is the second most famous evergreen plant

The legends and stories behind Christmas outdoor decorations

Christmas outdoor decorations are symbols for legends and stories that we may pay attention to them.

Christmas outdoor decorations:

Christmas tree

Christmas outdoor decorations: Christmas tree is decorating the Church exterior yard.

Christmas outdoor decorations tree are made of the evergreen conifer including spruce, pine, and fir. Also, Artificial Christmas tree is used by the moderns inside and outside the houses. Artificial Christmas trees are easy to manipulate and dispose of. The artificial trees are exactly similar in shape and appearance to the living one. They come with electrical lighting and with decorating icons such as balls, candles, stocks, and etoiles.

Christmas outdoor decorations in the pre-Christmas era were related strongly to evergreen trees, shrubs, and leaves. The evergreen conifer was included. The evergreen trees were symbolic to eternal live and green growth of the following spring. The tradition extends to different parts of nation and cultures. The tradition was traced back to and pharaonic Egypt, Hebrews, and Chinese.

The symbolic Christmas tree that is known today was a conversion from Roman festival of Saturnalia to Christianity. Such a festival is a mid-winter event. Also, other customs antecedently are converted to Christmas. The Christianization of the rituals and traditions of the pre-Christian era was condemned by Christians as they represent pagan worship.

The tradition of Christmas outdoor decorations of Christmas tree appeared for the first time in Germany in the 18th century. Soon, the tradition was transferred to the Great Britain by the reign of Queen Victoria. Americanization of the Christmas tree comes in the 1840s with its full picture that we are accustomed to festive today.

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Christmas outdoor decorations: Christmas tree is decorating the Church exterior yard.

Certain symbolic colors dominate the Christmas outdoor decorations. We have the pine green. It represents the eternal life in the pagan tradition. A Common tradition is the adoption of the white color of the snow and the blue color of the water as a representation of the winter season as well as the related festivities. We have also the red color of the heart. It represents the Salvage of Jesus. However, most of the cultures and related traditions that came to Christianity consider red as the color of life itself. In the winter celebration, it represents life.

We have also the yellow color of gold. It is the color of wealth and precious gifts. Metallic colors are the favorite of many buyers for their gifts and presents.

Other icons and ornamentations are used to decorate the Christmas tree and all Christmas outdoor decorations. Candles have been the traditional decoration since the pagan era. They come either electrically lit or unlit. They occupy a central position in the Christmas tree. On the top of the tree, we have the star of Bethlehem or the angle, Gabriel. Such icons are replaced in Russia, for example, by other stuff such as bicycles, cosmonauts, and many other ornaments.

Christmas outdoor decorations: mistletoe plant; a parasite that represents the evergreen life!

Conifer is not the only plant that is represented on the Christmas day. Mistletoe is the second most famous evergreen plant. It is known for its legend of the kisses under the Mistletoe. Although the berries of the mistletoe are toxic, it was legendary plucked by the lovers under the tree. Kisses stop when plucking stops.

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Christmas outdoor decorations: wreath of Holly plant

Holly and Ivy represent the male and female plants respectively in the secular tradition. They come to Christmas tradition with a different meaning. Now, they represent Jesus and Virgin Maria respectively Christmas outdoor decorations: Candles, stocks, and colored ball decorating the Christmas tree.


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