Holly plant with its red berries had been regarded as the male plant while the entwining ivy plant with its dark berries as the female plant

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Outdoor Christmas decorations: The light decorate the Christmas tree – an ancient tradition.

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The Christmas Tree

Outdoor Christmas decoration: The Christmas tree

Outdoor Christmas decorations:

Stories beyond the Christmas tree

Outdoor Christmas decorations without the Christmas tree means any festival celebration other than Christmas. Christmas tree is used for outdoor Christmas decorations as well as the inside of the Churches and houses.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: Christmas tree was introduced in England in the Victorian Age.

Christmas tree is an evergreen conifer that encompasses different species including fir, pine, and spruce. Apart from the living trees, manufactured artificial tree is common for the department stores, hotels, and municipalities. The artificial trees can be lit and decorated then, sent to the customer ready for the celebration. The artificial Christmas trees can be stored for reuse without the requirement of certain precautions, thus, cut down the expenses after the Christmas event.

The government municipality takes over outdoor Christmas decorations for the public streets and famous squares. Certain places that are known to attract visitor in that time of the year adopt the tradition of outdoor Christmas decorations using the Christmas tree such as the Tower of Eiffel and Opera House.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: Christmas tree decorating the public houses

The Christmas tree starts to appear in the department stores and other public and private places by October. The appearance of the Christmas tree heralds the beginning of the ceremonies and the season of entertainment and celebration.

The history of the Christmas tree as a part of outdoor Christmas decorations is dated back to the pre-Christmas Age. It was a part of the Roman Festival of Saturnalia that comes in the middle of the winter season. The festival was characterized by the evergreen trees and bushes. Different locally grown trees and bushes are used in the pagan celebration. So, the Christmas tree is considered a conversion of the pagan tradition to Christianism. Such Christianization of the pagan worship traditions were observed first in Germany at the beginning of the 18th century and the early 20th century. From that age on, the symbolization of the pagan ritual and worship tradition had been started to spread around the whole world.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: Decoration of the department stores in England.

Two centuries ago, Christmas tree as an outdoor Christmas decoration was not known at all. Thanks to a German-born royal ancestor, the Christmas tree was introduced to Great Britain. The beginning was a party held by Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. She was born in Germany and married to George III. The party invited mainly the royal kids. Queen Victoria was among the royal invitees. She was a child at that time. She was fascinated by the Christmas tree with its colors and decorations. It was told that there was one in her room when she was thirteen.

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In 1841, she married her German cousin Prince Albert. Prince Albert was born in Germany and was aware of the Christmas tree. The parties of Prince Albert were in the presence of the Christmas tree. He did not place the Christmas tree on the floor as we usually do nowadays. Astonishingly, he handed the tree from the ceiling.

By the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, the tradition of Christmas tree extends from the Royal Family to the mid-class families. Then, the tradition spread to all the rich people in England to the extent that the press made the Christmas tree on the front pages.

The introduction of Christmas tree into the American life began in 1912. Boston’s public area was the first place in the United States that welcomed the Christmas tree tradition.

The tradition of tree celebration and worship can be traced back to Hebrews, ancient pharaohs, and old China. In Europe, the conifer, holly, and ivy were the evergreen plants that were usually used for festive celebration. The Winter Solstice was festive that the conifer, holly, and ivy were used to signify eternal life, fertility, and growth. They were believed to have good omen as well.

Christmas tree is not only a religious symbol that we may debate, but is a source of fun and joy for the children and young people as well. the delightful day of Christmas is never complete without the lights of the evergreen Christmas tree.

Outdoor Christmas decorations:

The decorations of the Christmas tree.

Green, white, and red are the colors of Christmas festive. They are usually there for outdoor Christmas decorations. They carry many symbolic significances than merely delightful colors.

The green color of pine signifies the evergreen growth and fertility. The white color together with the blue color is the representation of winter and water. The red color is the blood drops of Jesus and memorizes the Salvage. There are other colors that inevitably participate in the Christmas tree. The yellow color is the color of gold. It represents the precious gifts and presents. The metal colors have its place on Christmas Day as the color of wealth and prosperity.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: A symbolic star decorate the Christmas tree.

The top of the Christmas tree is decorated either by a star or an angel. The star is the symbol of Bethlehem Star. It is usually in white or golden yellow. The angle signifies the angle, Gabriel. It is usually in white.

You can also find that a representation of the Christmas village decorates the outdoors. The outdoor Christmas village represents the Holly family and the ancient life of the Christ. They are usually lit by electrical lights or laser projection beams. The figures in the Christmas village are also made of clay, paper, or wood.

The fairy lights of Christmas were also a conversion from pagan worship in the pre-Christmas Age. Before the appearance of electricity, candles were the sole source of lighting and delight in the pre-electricity time. Lights signify the Christ as the light of our world.

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The tradition of lighting extends to involve the government and business enterprises. The lights are a very popular public tradition adopted by the government municipalities. They do their best to illuminate the public buildings, government building, and public streets and squares. You can see towered Christmas trees everywhere in the public places and location. Lamp posts are decorating the public places as well.

The Sydney Opera House and Tower of Eiffel are also decorated with huge Christmas trees lit with lamp spots of variable colors.

The motifs, also called sculptures are used for outdoor Christmas decorations in England and America. They are used to decorate most of the winter events. They are pieces of wireframe metalwork that are furnished with electrical applications to add light to the figures. They are manufactured mainly for display in public places and for decorating municipalities. In the 1990s, the motifs began to be made of plastic and of small size. Such like that, the motifs are now fit to be placed inside the housed and to be used as outdoor Christmas decorations.

The sculptures are used to be flat. Three-dimensional sculptures come with a small motor to move the head of the deer or moose to the right or to the left. Thus, giving life to the statues. The snowflakes are also used extensively for display on the municipal places. Such decorations are misconstrued as the government arrangement for the Christmas event. Therefore, such sculptures are left in place for all the season.

`The sculptures are provided with microcontrollers to modify light combinations, thus, giving the impression of the movement. The famous movements are the falling of the snowflakes, the Santa Claus waving, and the rolling of train wheels. There are also sculptures representing the flapping of peace dove wings.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: The sculptures of peace dove moving the wings. The microcontrollers act to give the impression of movement.

The Christmas plants

Outdoor Christmas decoration: The Christmas plants

Outdoor Christmas decorations:

The legend of the mistletoe

Outdoor Christmas decorations: Mistletoe was the symbol of fertility and growth.
Outdoor Christmas decorations: Mistletoe

The legend of the mistletoe is written by an ancient Roman historian Pliny, the Elder. Pliny, the Elder, appeared in the first century AD as a historian, scientist, and a nobleman. He wrote that the ceremonies of the mistletoe that started in the Celtic Age. The legend involves the oak and mistletoe in a Celtic religious ceremony. White-clad dressed druids climb up a sacred oak to cut down the mistletoe. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on the tree of the oak. They sacrifice a couple of bulls. Then, the druids make an elixir with the mistletoe that was once believed to increase fertility and cure females with infertility. The elixir was also used to cure the poisonous persons.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: Mistletoe grows as a parasite on other plants. However, it is known as the plant of rebirth and evergreen growth.

The legend sounds true. That is because the druids, the bull sacrifice, and the mistletoe are mentioned in the books written about the Celtic Age. Manufacturing of elixir from the plant was transferred mostly from the Arabs in the Middle East. They were well-known with their skill in making elixirs and syrups that cure diseases and poisons.

The metaphor that there is a lot of kisses under the mistletoe came from the writings of Washington Irving on Christmas Eve. The festivities of the Twelve Days included mutual kissing between boys and girls under the mistletoe. The farm houses were used to have mistletoe hanging up in the kitchens. Young men and women take advantage of the mistletoe. They start kissing under the mistletoe. As a ritual, they start picking up the berries from the bushes. By the way, the berries of the mistletoe are poisonous. The moderns forgot all about such ritual. They kept kissing until the picking up of the berries ceased.

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Mistletoe is the representation of rebirth, green vegetations, and remedy from infertility. It is the plant of growth and fertility. When the outdoor Christmas decorations are removed after the Christmas Day, mistletoe recedes away from our mind, but the kissing does not. The ritual also disappears in the thin air. See you next year!

Outdoor Christmas decorations:

The Legend of Holly and Ivy

Outdoor Christmas decorations: The sharp edges of the leaves and the red color of the berries are the most legendary features of Holly, the plant.

Holly plant with its red berries had been regarded as the male plant while the entwining ivy plant with its dark berries as the female plant. That was in the pre-Christmas era. Holly and Ivy are the male and female counterparts in the beliefs of the pagan ceremonies.

Ivy is associated with a legend affecting the future of the gatherer of the ivy plant. The legend of the ivy is foretelling the future of the gatherer whether good or bad. The ivy leaves should be left floating on water on the New Year’s Eve and left untouched till the Twelfth Night. When the leaves remain green and healthy, it is a good omen for the gatherer. If the ivy leaves carry black spots or died, this means bad luck for the gatherer. The luck will betide to the gatherer for the whole year long.

In the Christmas Age, the Holly and Ivy signify Jesus and Virgin Mary respectively. Holly is known for its sharp green leaves. Such leaves are usually referred to by Christ’s Thorn. The red berries of Holly are to remind us with blood shed for Salvation. It is an evergreen plant. It has been the symbol of growth and wellbeing. Holly becomes bound to the Christmas celebrations.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: ivy the female counterpart to holly plant. It represents Virgin Merry.

Wreaths, illustrations, and cards use Holly plant as a component of their structures. Holly is expressed in the Christian Christmas carol “The Holly and the Ivy.” Since the pre-Christmas Age, Holly was believed to have a magical power that can protect against the evil spirits. Holly is also the symbol of truth.

Ivy, the female counterpart, is also known as Hedera plant. It is an evergreen plant retaining a creeping feature. Ivy is a native ground-creeping woody plant that grows mostly in Western Europe as well as other places on the continent. Ivy was believed to cure the negative effect of alcohol. It has some magical power to oppose the malign effect of alcohol. When alcohol is taken from a goblet cut outdoor Christmas decorations of ivy-wood, the ill effect of alcoholism will be abolished.

Outdoor Christmas decorations: Ivy berries were colored red to mimic the more popular plant, Holly.

Ivy was once used for wreaths and outdoor Christmas decorations. Since the mid-twentieth century, ivy recedes back behind holly and the evergreen mistletoe. Ivy has been faded from the conscious of Christians to be placed in the shade of forgetfulness.

In the very past, when decorations were made from A to Z, ivy was taken out of the hedges of wild shrubs and trees. It was used to replace holly in the poor communities. The black berries were colored red to mimic the popular holly.

Outdoor Christmas decorations:

The Legend of Laurel

Outdoor Christmas decorations: the legend of laurel plant.

For years ago, Laurel was used to decorate wreaths that once were worn on the heard as a presentation of success and victory. The tradition was wide spread in Rome in the pre-Christmas Age. The beliefs were converted to Christianism as the victory of Lord over the Devil as has been believed.


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