Drop ceiling tiles 2X4 by photo illustration. Create your mental image for the process before starting.

Drop ceiling tiles 2X4: how to install the wall angle

    The pattern we are going to talk about here is 2X4 pattern. Other patterns like 2X2 exist also. The ceiling dimensions should be writing on a graph paper to spot the location of the main T’s and the cross T’s.

    The 4 feet T’s are placed 2X4 feet apart from each other to create the 2X4 pattern later on.

    The installment of the light applications should be determined beforehand. In this case the height of the drop ceiling should be 3 to 4 inches away from the old ceiling.

    Draw a line across the room pointing to the site of the wall angle that will be fastened in a later stage of the procedure.

    With a level tool, you can easily draw a straight line across the wall indicating the location of the wall angle.

    Then, cut the wall angle according to the distance between the two corners of the wall and fasten it on the line you have just drawn. The bottom flange should be fixed downward.

     The wall angle is fastened to the wall by nails to the studs. Screws can be used to anchor the wall angles on the brick or masonry walls.

    You will be confronted with the corners between the wall angles. The end of the wall angle is so prepared to meet the shape of the corresponding end. When the wall angles are going to make an inside corner, they simply overlap. A small snip

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would be cut to allow the corners to be fitted.

    The outside corners need other modifications. The one end of the wall angle should be cut tangentially at 45 degrees. This mitered corner will fit form outside.

1- drop ceiling tiles 2X4: snipping the end of the wall angle for the outer corner.
2-Drop ceiling tiles 2X4: approaching the wall angle to the end of another one.
3-drop ceiling tile 2X4: the mitered outer end meeting of the wall angle.

Drop ceiling tiles 2X4: how to fix the wiring system

There are two types of wires the recessed lighting wires and the suspension wires. The lighting wires should be installed first.

The suspension wires should be of proper length and strength. It is 12 inches longer than the distance between the old and the new ceilings.

The wires should be fastened securely to the main T’s and at equal distance from each other, 4 feet apart.

Drop ceiling tiles 2X4: how to fix the main and cross T’s

Measure the distance between the wall to the first cross T on the layout sheet. Then, measure such distance on the top flange of the main T. A slot is then, located next to this point.

The main T should be installed with the level of the wall angle that has been mounted before. Then, the crossing T’s are installed in the slots. The manufactured instructions should be followed as slots on the T’s differ from manufacture to another.

The panels are tilt slightly and elevate them above the framework you have just fixed to each other . Then, let go of them into its place. It is done. Repeat the same for the other panels.


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