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Decoration style: Drop Ceiling installment – the DIY made easy.

We shall provide you with the major steps for drop ceiling installation. You can follow us and do it yourself and tell your friends about us to get the experience directly from our website.

Drop ceiling tiles installation

  1. Drop ceiling installation: room scale

Draw a sketch for your room scale dimensions showing the pattern and the location of the lighting fixtures. The available patterns are 2` x 2` and the 2` x 4` patterns. All the layout possibilities should be sketched for the planned new ceiling. The spaces between the interlocking cross keels should be so arranged that the borders of the panels are equal at the end of the room.

  1. Drop ceiling installation: wall angles

The wall angle should be placed in the position decided by a level. Draw a line by your pencil around the room showing the localization of the wall angle. This line is very important to be genuine and not a percussion to the old ceiling.

  1. Drop ceiling installation: wiring installation

It is better to install the recess lights wires before the suspension wires. The available patterns in the market (mentioned before)
come with drop-in light fixtures that are well designed for the recessed lighting.

The suspension wires, then, are cut 12 inches longer than the distance between the old ceiling and the proposed position of the new one. Stretch a light line across the room to position the location of the main keels. The line will start at the top edge of the wall angle where the main keels are going to be placed.

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The first suspension wire is placed above the cross point of the main keel and the interlocking cross keel. The suspension wire should be spaced 4 feet apart. The wires should be fixed securely by screw eyes.

  1. Drop ceiling installation: suspension wires

Figure out the distance between the wall to the first cross keel. Measure the distance between the top flange of the main keel. A slot should be found beyond the point of crossing.

drop ceiling installation
Drop ceiling installation: the main keels installation and the cross wires.

Measure back the distance and subtract 1/8“ and assign a mark. Cut at that point. The subtracted segment will be used to support the wall angle.

When the room is 12 feet wide, the main keel will definitely be spliced. The spliced keels should be aligned carefully.

  1. Drop ceiling installation: keels

drop ceiling installation
Drop ceiling installation: The lighting wires are installed before the suspension wires.

Install the main keel at the same level that has been mounted on the wall angle. The interlocking cross keel is installed in the slot made in the main keel in the earlier step. The location and the inter-distance of the interlocking cross keels are determined by the chosen pattern.

  1. drop ceiling installation
    Drop ceiling installation: measurement of the distance of the main keel from the wall.

    Drop ceiling installation: panels

drop ceiling installation
Drop ceiling installation: installation of the panels

Tilt the panel to a slight extent and lift it above the framework. Let go the panel to rest on its place on the framework. Do the same for each panel till all the panels are installed.


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