Decoration style: Drop Ceiling grid – the basic principles of installing a drop ceiling grid

Tile is the word given to a manufactured piece that is used to cover the floors, roofs, walls, and tabletops. The shape of a tile ranges from a simple square to complex mosaics. It is usually made of ceramic. It can also be made of glass, cork, concrete, wood, or other materials. Marble, onyx, or granite are used for stone tiles. The manufacture of tiles differs according to the place that they will use for. The wall tiles are thinner than the floor ones.

drop ceiling grid
Drop ceiling tiles grid: the steel grids are used to support heavy applications and lighting. The sketch shows the main parts and joining parts of the drop ceiling tiles grid.

Drop ceiling tiles grid

The tiles and other decoration patterns along with the applicants are supported by the drop ceiling grid framework. The basic construction of the drop ceiling grid is the interlocking of metal sections. The whole framework hangs from the ceiling by hanging wires connected to the slab.

Before starting doing-it-yourself, you should draw a sketch by a pencil to calculate the needed parts and where you are going to position them. Good sketch saves you time and redo.

The tools used for the drop ceiling grid:

You are going to use simple tools such as a pencil and a graph paper for drawing your sketch and a calculator for estimation of the distances and lengths.

drop ceiling grid
Drop ceiling grid: the main keel runs perpendicular to the ceiling joists. The main keels are attached to the ceiling joists by hanging wires of steel to support carrying the lighting, tiles, and other parts of the grid.

The main parts of the drop ceiling grid:

The first part to get acquainted with is the wall angle. It is placed on the wall leveled by a special instrument. The wall angle carries most of the structural parts of the drop ceiling grid. you should position the wall angle carefully as it is the support of the other part.

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The second part is the main part. It is the main keel, also called tee. The main keels are placed in a certain arrangement according to the pattern you choose. The other parts are dependent of the main keel for their support.

Then, you should be introduced to the interlocking crossing T’s. They are fixed to the main T’s in cross-section points.

Finally, you should be familiar with the drop ceiling grid panels (tiles). The edges are so designed to meet the place created by the cross of the main T’s and the interlocking T’s.

The installation of the drop ceiling grid tiles

drop ceiling grid
Drop ceiling grid: the wall angle should be leveled correctly irrespective of the old ceiling.
drop ceiling grid
Drop ceiling grid: the installation of drop ceiling grid in easy when you are acquainted with the main parts and the manual of the manufacturer.

The most popular tile pattern is the 2` x 4`. It is suitable for a room 9`wide and 14`-6 long. The main T’s are positioned 4` apart.

drop ceiling grid
Drop ceiling grid: the tiles are placed in its position in the grid.


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